Let Me Introduce Myself

Keto Chef Max @ketochefmax

Hi, my name is Max!

I’m a full-time Chef at a high-end restaurant in Austin, Texas. I studied at the renowned Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, and I've honed my craft in modern kitchens for over 7 years. My goal is to venture beyond the typical keto meal and create lavish, fun, and delicious keto foods for everyone to enjoy!

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Keto, My Way

So, I’ve been a type-1 diabetic my entire life. I’ve never known a day where I didn’t have to watch everything I put into my body. That being said, my early 20s were a blur of poor nutritional choices (hey,  c’mon...early 20s...yours probably weren’t much different). When my unhealthy lifestyle caught up to me, and I finally admitted how utterly awful I felt, the quest for change commenced.

I’ve always loved food but only began taking my nutrition serious when I started culinary school. It wasn’t long after that I branched into intermittent fasting and carb cycling to really zero in on my health issues. When that wasn’t working, and my health was still in the gutter, I hunted high and low for answers. Then I met keto. That day, life began anew.

Since starting keto, I’ve balanced my hormones, easily and enjoyably lost  weight (and actually maintained the loss), gained incredible amounts of focus and energy, and made some pretty rad friends. My very first cookbook actually marked my one year keto-versary! So here’s to the many happy, healthy years to come!

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Recipes, Also My Way

As a chef, I take considerable pride in my food. Every recipe is my own. I’ve developed, made, photographed, and, most importantly, tasted each one. I can personally guarantee each meal is perfectly cooked, beautifully seasoned, and satisfyingly delicious. Your cravings don’t stand a chance! Every one of my recipes is keto-friendly, meaning it’s grain-free, low carb and full of healthy fats..


For more of my recipes and food pics, check out my Instagram.

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